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Pure Filth

by | 21st, September 2004

‘THERE truly is no depths which TV will not plumb, no crevice that it won’t explore, no barrel that it won’t scrape in its quest to find just how low viewers are prepared to go.

”Bend over!”

And the depths don’t come much darker, the crevices more disgusting and the barrels more caked in grime than those in Too Posh To Wash, a new series from the people who tried to turn housework into entertainment in How Clean Is Your House.

The idea is self-explanatory – instead of people who are too lazy to clean their houses, Kim and Aggie come face to dirty face with those who are too lazy to clean themselves.

The “posh” part of the title is provided in the first episode by Osla, 23 years old and apparently an aristocrat – although you know that’s just a handy excuse for the programme title.

She owns just two bras, one of which has not been washed since she bought it a year ago; her mouth contains 80 times more bacteria than the average mouth and she has an attractive habit of wiping her bogies on whatever’s around.

What is more she’s sufficiently proud of her lack of hygiene that she volunteers to have it broadcast on national television.

And to think it is only two years since Anorak’s How Clean Is Your Arse (Celebrity Edition) was knocked back by Channel 4’s commissioning editors.

They said the British public weren’t ready to see Vanessa Feltz’s backside in extreme close-up…’

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