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by | 22nd, September 2004

‘THERE’S still no sign of former virgin Britney Spears this morning as her post-wedding sexathon enters its third day.

”Please, Miss. What do I do now?”

But we do get a glimpse of new husband Kevin Federline ”puffing on a cannabis pipe” in this morning’s Sun.

Not that Kevin has emerged from the £1,000-a-night room at the Hotel Bel-Air in Hollywood in which he and his bride have been holed up since their Saturday wedding.

The picture in question – and two more in a similar vein – was actually taken a few years ago before he met the pop princess.

”Kevin liked to smoke dope,” a source explains.

But did he like it as much as the average British teenager?

According to the Pocket Book Of World Figures, published by the Economist, 15-year-old Brits are some of the biggest tokers in the world.

Only Canadian and Swiss girls smoke more blow than the British – and both live in countries where boredom is a higher killer than heart disease.

The report claims that 31.7% of British girls and 36% of British boys have had a spliff in the past year.

That may only be enough to get a bronze for the girls and a fourth place for the boys, but there is better news in other disciplines.

For instance, according to the Express, British girls are the biggest boozers in the world – the gold medallists in the Ale-ympics.

A whopping 48.3% of 15-year-olds drink alcohol weekly – just ahead of the Dutch, the Danes and the Maltese.

And, thanks to a diet of fizzy drinks and four hours of telly a day, they are the fourth fattest – although predictably they are a long way behind the United States in first place.

As in academia, boys fare less well, trailing both the Dutch and the Maltese in the booze table.

Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson tells the Express that the health crisis afflicting today’s teenagers ”could see many of them die before their parents”.

But not before they’re parents – another thing Britain leads the world in is teenage pregnancies…’

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