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Banana Split

by | 23rd, September 2004

‘TALKING of pricey food, do you remember the “SCANDAL OF THE £20,000 BANANA”?

The getaway

Just in case you don’t, the Mirror has helpfully reprinted its headline, next to a new one: “BANANAS II”.

But these stories are not actually about the price of bananas. Rather, they refer to the theft of bananas and other modest items, and the cost of putting the thieves through the criminal justice system.

The original story referred to a man who, on a whim, stole

a banana from a restaurant kitchen and was hauled through the courts.

This time three cases are involved: the theft of £6-worth of curtain fittings, another theft of five sandwiches, and another in which a box of eggs was damaged.

Predictably, the Mirror finds this ridiculous. Once again, we here at Anorak disagree, and ask the Mirror a simple question: Whose side are you on?

Are we to allow sandwich thieves to chomp away on their ill-gotten gains with impunity? Shall no banana-owner be safe from the daylight robbery of his property?

Or shall we stand four-square behind the forces of law and order, and if necessary keep every egg-breaker and sandwich-snatcher behind bars for life?

Our letters page is at your disposal, and we are confident that you will support us in our stand for justice at whatever price.’

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