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Visitation, Visitation, Visitation

by | 23rd, September 2004

‘“IS there anybody out there?” asks the Daily Mail in a large headline, before answering: “No.”

‘High interest rates… Whoooo’

But the question is not referring to its own readership. Rather, it speaks of – and indeed to – the paranormal community.

Now, a good journalist will move mountains in the pursuit of a story – and so do the Mail’s intrepid hacks.

They pursue the suggestion that it might be possible to commune with the dead, and they do so for a full half-page before giving up the ghost.

But Daily Mail readers are busy people – as of course are you – and so the paper helpfully distils the article into the no-nonsense headline quoted above.

For once we find ourselves in full agreement with the Mail, but we can’t help feeling that it has missed a trick.

For if ghosts don’t exist, then, ergo, haunted houses don’t exist either. And as ghosts are one of the leading factors in sales of homes falling through, then this must be good news for the property market.

By now someone will surely be working hard to rectify this oversight.

Rest assured, you will read all about it in the comfort of your marmalade-encrusted breakfast nook (itself a value-adding feature) tomorrow morning.’

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