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The Second Coming

by | 24th, September 2004

‘“LESLIE’S HUBBY TO DO A DIANA,” announces the Star, to gasps of astonishment all round.

Lee and Leslie are planning a second honeymoon in Paris

But this is not a story about John Leslie’s secret husband escaping from a three-in-a-bed home video shoot and then dying in a car crash. No, this is much stranger.

The Leslie is Leslie “The Lip” Ash, and the “hubby” is former footballer Lee Chapman. And how exactly will he “do a Diana”?

Why, by granting an intimate interview with Tonight With Trevor McDonald of course.

Apart from the physical resemblance – flaxen locks and a long horsey nose – there seems little else to connect Lee with Saint Di.

Perhaps he has been trained to bow his head and look up coquettishly from under his fringe.

The Star’s far-fetched connection appears to be that like Diana, Lee will reveal all about his marriage, and in particular the allegations that he attacked his wife – allegations which both he and Leslie have always denied.

Which begs the question: why, if they are merely going to deny everything, are they keen to do it all over again on national TV?

Cynics might say it is because Leslie’s career could do with a bit of publicity.

But ITV’s major current affairs programme would never dream of colluding in such a tawdry objective, so there must be another reason.

We await with baited breath the programme’s sensational revelations about WMD, Britain’s Olympic bid and the Blair-Brown pact.’

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