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by | 24th, September 2004

‘THE British Council is under attack.

Four beer mats with whisky chasers

What’s the British Council, you ask. The Star explains that it’s “the organisation that is supposed to promote Britain around the world”. Note the sarcastic “supposed”.

Of course, the only reason it is in the paper is because it appears to be doing no such thing.

In fact, it has committed the cardinal sin of dropping the Union Flag and replacing it with a new logo – the very same mistake that British Airways once made, and for which it was publicly lambasted by Mrs Thatcher.

A spokesman for the Council has defended the new design (four blue dots), saying that: “Promoting Britain abroad is not about logos.”

May we be so bold as to suggest a compromise?

Why not combine tradition with progress? Why not take this opportunity to celebrate our national heritage while simultaneously acknowledging the achievements of our young liberated women?

A variation on the Australian and New Zealand flags would fit the bill admirably: a Union Flag in one corner, and, instead of stars, 203 wine bottles on a blue background.

Pray be standing (if you can) and raise your glasses. To Great Britain… And her ladies!’

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