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Sick Willy

by | 25th, September 2004

‘IN news that will surely come as a blow to Bill Clinton and a million and more political interns, the Enquirer says our man with the accommodating desk has had to give up sex.

‘Don’t worry, Bill, I’ve not had it for ages either’

Having just undergone a quadruple heart bypass, the grim news is that Slick Willy has to pass over sex until he’s better.

Dr Richard Stein, a spokesman for the American Heart Association, says: “Even though we tell patients who have had a cardiac event…that it is safe to resume sex after four weeks, at least 50 per cent of them do not for a long time.”

Normally, we would feel for the patient, and also for their wife or partner forced to endure a frustrating wait while their lover recuperates.

But this is Bill and Hillary Clinton, and, as the Enquirer says, the couple practically lead separate lives.

Chances are that Hillary won’t even notice her husband’s slackened libido. And if she does, it might only be because he’s been having fewer conferences than usual with his female associates.

Indeed, an unnamed source tells the magazines: “The Clintons marriage is a total sham… They don’t sleep together. They hardly even live together.”

Later, in a section called “CELEB COUPLES – WHO’S SPLITTING AND WHO’S NOT”, readers hear some more shocking news on the state of the Clinton marriage.

“This has been a marriage of political convenience for years,” says a source. “It’s like they are already divorced.”

But they are not. And will most likely remain together until death does them part.

Which could be about the same time Bill dares dip his big toe in the water again, so to speak…’

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