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Non-Trivial Pursuits

by | 27th, September 2004

‘WHILE you respond to the Government’s drive to make us think “deep green”” and “Recycle now”, take care not to throw away things that many be of value.

‘Hands up who wants to play at World Domination’

Such antiques of the future do not include some of the £3.1 billion worth of cooking gadgets we as a nation have bought and stuffed into our cupboards.

The insurance firm that commissioned this research – which might prove to be as useful as an electric fondue set – says that 40% of us refuse to get rid of those unwanted items.

So much for the kitchen, and the Telegraph now moves onto the attic, where all manner of nasties are lurking.

Whereas British householders may expect to find a few Jeffrey Archer classics, some rat droppings and a long-lost aunt in the attic, a house clearance in Germany has turned up something altogether less pleasant.

Mass produced in the 1930s by Hitler Games, this delightful timewaster for all the family invites funsters to see if they can successful invade Britain and kill of large swathes of its people.

“When I first saw it, I could not quite believe what I was looking at,” says Richard Westbrook-Brookes of Mullock Madeley, the firm auctioning the boardgame.

“It gives you a very uncomfortable feeling to think that while British children were merrily playing snakes and ladders, those in Germany were happily enacting such destruction.”

Thank goodness times have changed, and today’s children are free to engage in more pleasant hobbies, like seeing how early they can get pregnant and smoking crack…’

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