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Flogging A Dead Donkey

by | 27th, September 2004

‘KYM Marsh is the new journalistic dead donkey.

A nag and her Ryder

When Tracy Shaw isn’t getting married, when Kylie Minogue isn’t showing us her backside, when, in essence, there are no stories to speak of, the confectioners at OK! give Kym Marsh a call.

The singer is so very busy, but does always make time to speak to her favourite magazine.

This week she meets OK!’s syrup miners in a London bar, which she soon feels the urge to lay on, dressed in one of the four outfits she just happened to have about her person.

Before Kym can speak, however, OK! thinks it’s right to introduce her, a woman who surely needs no introduction.

It is not immediately apparent why the magazine thinks this necessary, given that a) she‘s in the magazine every week, b) she’s married to Jack Ryder, aka “the next Michael Caine” and c) we can all remember her “performances as a TV star, singer in a successful pop band and solo artist”.

We also all know that Marsh has been appearing in the stage musical version Saturday Night Fever.

However, not that all of us have been lucky enough to see her. What with Kym’s unique place in British showbusiness, getting a ticket for the show has been harder than getting husband Jack the job for his talents.

Or finding something new to say about Kym Marsh…’

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