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A Growing Talent

by | 27th, September 2004

‘THE questions on everybody’s lips is: “Who will be the next Kym Marsh?”

‘I’ve got a head for hats and a body for day-time TV’

In the days of radio and music hall, you’d be lucky if talent like Kym’s came along once in a generation.

But that was before the advent of reality TV and nowadays we have stars coming at us like bugs hitting a speeding car’s windscreen.

This week, it’s the waspish Michelle Bass’s turn to tell the world why she thinks she should be famous.

So much the better for her that she should enjoy her moment under the spotlight in a pair of Anoushka G shoes and a pair of earrings by Bassia Zarzycka.

What she’s wearing in the middle – on her body – is a little less obvious, because it’s rude to stare and rather than “dwell on the gain”, as OK! puts it, we should look on as Michelle tries to work off the pounds.

For the task in hand, Michelle has taken on a personal trainer and says how she’s up for the “challenge”.

“My tummy,” says Michelle, “is something I’m very keen to work on.”

And you too can get to work with Michelle, as OK! instructs us all “TO FIGHT THE FAT WITH MICHELLE”.

To do this you need to complete a regime of exercise that involve various stages of stepping on machines that encourage you to run on the spot – to run hard to get nowhere.

This keep-fit programme could be a metaphor for Michelle’s celebrity career.

Indeed, it may be better if she were to turn off the machine and turn her attention to running to the nearest cake shop.

With Vanessa Feltz now less than gargantuan and Fern Britton threatening to explode live on This Morning, the time is surely ripe for the arrival of another big-boned star.

So all the hail the new Vanessa – a big, big talent we can all enjoy…’

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