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by | 27th, September 2004

‘HOW do you follow Michael Bass and Kym Marsh?

‘Chris has a chest as big as Jordan’s’

You could try to give the punters their money back. Or book Bob Carolgees and Spit The Dog.

But only a fool and his money are parted and Spit’s not been heard of since he entered the murky world of the adult film business.

Which means that the only thing for it is to say “On with the show” and introduce the next act.

So here is Nadia Almada, or, rather, there she is, because the Big Brother winner is in Rome, checking out the shops and sidling up to Italian men.

Not that she’s only after the Latin type, and will go for any man who can look after her and make her laugh.

As a rough guide for any wannabe lovers out there, Nadia likes Vin Diesel, who is blessed with “big shoulders and big hands”.

Which should provide a perfect for Nadia, who tells OK! how she’d love to have a chest as big as Jordan’s.

And thinks “David Beckham is great and he’s very cute but he’s happily married.”

Well, that what might be what he told Nadia…’

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