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Mucking In

by | 28th, September 2004

‘“A PERVERT got thrills from covering himself in farmyard manure and performing sex acts,” reports the Sun.

One man’s manure is another man’s porn

“Weirdo David Truscott loved pleasuring himself while wallowing in muck,” it continues – although this description could surely be applied to a large proportion of the Sun’s readers, not to mention its writers.

He also set fire to things, which is why he found himself in court, and thus in the pages of the Currant Bun.

When arrested he was wearing “shiny read shorts and latex gloves”, and it was later discovered that he owned (or was in possession of) 360 pairs of ladies knickers.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it probably didn’t help his case when he came before the Beak.

On one occasion, Mr Truscott “stripped to his pants and climbed inside a muck-spreader to fondle himself”.

On another, he rolled around in dung while trying to set a tractor ablaze.

Again, while deploring the damage to property, we don’t see why a freeborn Englishman shouldn’t be allowed to pursue his pleasures, however rum they might be.

Yet Truscott was apprehended because of a seven-month surveillance operation by police in Truro – a waste of resources at best, and at worst an example of rampant voyeurism at its most depraved.’

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