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Happy Clappy

by | 28th, September 2004

‘JUST like with a protest, you can clap a little too loudly and a little too long.

Who needs doctors and the NHS with Tony and Gordon around?

It’s pretty evident from the picture on the Times’ cover that Gordon Brown’s speech to the converted at the Labour Party conference in Brighton went down like a club 18-30 rep at a foam party.

The rapturous applause served not only to show how much the Labour delegates like their Chancellor but also managed to drown out a few hecklers.

Paul Bigley is, as the Guardian reports, still telling anyone within earshot how Tony Blair has to resign over the Iraqi hostage crisis involving his brother Ken.

And, on the same paper’s front page, we can see Cherie Blair’s lips moving, but we can’t hear her version of the Beatles Twist And Shout (an oddly appropriate choice of song for her husband), sung with gusto after she jumped on stage with a Beatles tribute ban.

And we can barely hear the Telegraph’s report, buried deep within the paper, that the main unions have joined forces to demand the re-nationalisation of the railways.

Better to see what was said before the clapping began, to shine a light on the Chancellor’s vision of the future.

And for this we need a translator. In a speech that brought the conference to its feet, the Independent says that Chancellor didn’t mention the Tories or LibDems once, referred to Tony Blair just three times but used the term “progressive consensus” on ten occasions.

And now we get to hear what those buzzwords mean from a selection of interpreters.

Anthony King, a political academic, says it is “not clear” what Brown means.

“Ruth Lea, director for the Centre of Policy Studies says: “Progressive consensus means nothing.”

So much for the expert, less partisan observers. Let’s hear what the Labour activists make of it.

“I believe he was talking about moving forward a country, with the people, to achieve what we want to achieve in the next five years,” says Kate Beech a Labour member from West Sussex.

“What I believe he means…is bringing together everybody in making things better for everybody,” opines Leonie Mathers a Labour members form Notts.

It’s truly awesome how two words that mean nothing and guff to some political watchers can point to a rosy-fingered dawn for Labour supporters.

And if you don’t believe us, just hark at that clapping…’

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