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Not Very PC

by | 28th, September 2004

‘HAVING peppered their rhetoric with words like “moral”, “ethical” and even had Cherie Blair singing Beatles tributes, we realise there is something evangelical about a Labour Party conference.

‘Can you make him look like a vampire?’

We can’t help but wonder how many members of the crowd that rose to their feet to salute Gordon Brown’s speech were cripples standing for the first time.

But not everything is always at it appears, and the Telegraph needs little invitation to show how underhand and sneaky a Labour supporter can be.

It seems the party has registered a series of website addresses using the Tory leader, Michael Howard’s, name.

The sites all link not to hardcore porn (a winner for the male youth vote) or the latest gossip on Kerry Katona’s failing marriage (ditto for girls) or even Anorak, but to four-minute videos attacking Howard’s record.

While we wonder who in their right mind would wait to download a film about Michael Howard – a kind of four minute warning – and then actually watch it, we hear from the man who has exposed the plot, Tory MP Michael Fabricant.

“It is quite clear that the Labour Party is planning to mount a desperate dirty tricks campaign,” says he. “How desperate they have now become.”

In response, a Labour spokesman was far from contrite, going as far as thanking Fabricant for bringing the sites to the public’s attention.

The voice of Labour says it is a “legitimate” way of reminding people what happened when Mr Howard was in office last time round.

Quite so. People do have short memories and need a jolt. So, in the spirit of fairness, let’s use this website to even up the battle.

Remember that “ethical foreign policy”?

“Education, education, education”?

“Things can only get better..?”’

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