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by | 28th, September 2004

‘SPACE, the final frontier – the only place where Virgin have yet to stick their corporate colours.

‘Due to ongoing engineering work on the moon…’

But that’s all set to change. The Times reports that Richard Branson is licensing five space liners and plans to run a sight-seeing service to the cosmos and, hopefully, back again.

“Every child dreams of going into space,” says Branson, as he launched his latest interstellar marketing plan. “I’m in a position to make that a reality.

“There are thousands of people who can afford a reasonable price to get the ball rolling. Hopefully we can bring the pricing down to a level where millions can afford it.”

Over in the Times, there’s a suitable shot of Branson gazing to the starts.

And he’s advised to keep looking up, because if he looks down, casting his eyes to the Times, he’d notice that not everything he touches turns to gold.

Anyone travelling a leg of their journey to the Virgin Launch site in the Mojave Desert is advised to think long and hard before boarding a Virgin train.

As the Telegraph says, nearly a quarter of the new tilting Virgin trains, that made their debut journeys yesterday, ran late.

Indeed, the inaugural Royal Scot Pendolino train from Glasgow to London developed a problem after just 28 miles and limped along at 50mph.

On arrival at Carlisle, the service was cancelled. Passengers changed trains, finally arriving at their destination two hours late.

But don’t worry about space being run along the same lines. Up there, there are no tracks, no leaves and no false dawns.

And no-one can hear you scream…’

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