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Arranged Marriage

by | 28th, September 2004

‘WHEN Indian girl Guriya’s husband, Sapper Mohammed Arif, disappeared during the 1999 India-Pakistan conflict in Kashmir, she did not know what to do. Was he dead? Had be run away? Or had he been taken prisoner?

She got on with her life and remarried a man called Taufiq. But last month, in a prisoner swap, she learned that Arif had been captured and had spent the past five years in a Pakistani prison. To cap it all, she was now carrying her second husband’s child.

A village council ordered Guriya to return to Arif but the soldier said he didn’t want the child. The second husband said he could not raise the child without the mother.

So the case when to trial by TV. Viewers of Zee TV were asked to vote on what she should do. And Arif had a change of heart. ‘I will raise the child if he doesn’t want to,” said he. “And when the child grows up, Taufiq can take it.”’

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