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Horsing Around

by | 29th, September 2004

‘WAS it a protest or was it modern art in action?

Send for the hounds

Opinion is a little divided as to what the carcasses of a horse and two calves dumped on Brighton roads were supposed to signify.

We could ponder their artistic merits all day – and perhaps a fringe meeting of Labour art lovers will do just that.

But we’d prefer to look at the pro-hunting campaigners who yesterday turned a portion of Brighton seafront into a little bit of the Cheshire countryside.

And the Independent is happy to debate the value of direct action by pro-hunting campaigners that led to a few of their number interrupting the Prime Minister’s speech.

(Before we go on, we should say that it’s testament to new Labour’s inclusiveness that men with plumy accents and tailored suits should mix unnoticed at a Labour conference.)

But who were these three men and one woman who stood and let off rape alarms up as Tony was all set not to apologise for invading Iraq on suspect information?

One is called Tom Leek, and he asked: “What’s next? If they’re going to base laws on this kind of prejudice how can we rest in our beds?”

Over in the Times, a more elderly campaigner also focuses on the idea of prejudice, holding before her a sign on which is printed: “Fight Prejudice – Fight the Ban.”

Behind the sign is an angry woman – a naked angry woman, one of the many who stripped off, braved the nippy seas and endured chapped skin for their pains.

Others, as the Times says, dressed up as bunny girls. The purpose of this, apparently, was to show that while hunting rabbits can continue, hunting hares cannot.

It also gave the press something better to look at than a dead horse, elderly women with goosebumps and Labour delegates…’

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