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A Nice Pair

by | 30th, September 2004

‘ASTON Villa’s Lee Hendrie must dread picking opening the papers these days.

A ladies’ man

Not for the usual reason (another young English midfielder moving in front of him in the queue for the England squad) but because of further revelations about what the hacks quaintly call his “private life”.

Last week there was the tale of his wedding day, when his wife discovered text messages from another woman, leading to one of the fastest splits in the history of matrimony.

In a fit of rage, she scratched the word “prick” on his Porsche. Had she heard today’s revelations, it might have been the other way around.

For the Sun carries the news that the troubled footballer told a young lady: “I love you.” And the lady was Jade Goody.

A date was fixed up, and Jade is said to be “completely smitten” – although we are not told who says this.

Not Lee himself, apparently. “I do know her through a friend but I’m not giving her one,” he said, with the grace and style for which footballers are famed.

But a friend of Lee’s thinks it’s true. And his ex-wife doesn’t discount the idea.

“Lee was at it with women even worse looking than Jade while with me, so nothing surprises me,” she hissed. “He’s welcome to her. They make a lovely pair – I don’t think.”’

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