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To The Manor Wed

by | 30th, September 2004

‘JUST by looking at the massive house, the immaculate gardens, the rock on her finger, you can feel the love Lisa B has for her millionaire husband Anton Bilton.

B is for busy

“Anton is so much my soulmate,” says Lisa B, nee Barbuscia, the Brooklyn–born “model turned signer turned actress”.

Lisa has turned so many times, she might find herself wondering which way is up.

But her head is surely screwed on tight, as she tells Hello! that being a girl from a humdrum background now living in ostentatious splendour is not all fun.

“You need a lot of staff to run a house like this, and I’m a doer,” says Lisa of her home at Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire.

“I’d sooner clear a table and wash the dishes myself,” she adds. “I find it tricky delegating.”

But it is a skill that can be mastered. With the right blend of dedication, application and her famous work ethic, Lisa can train the butler, the housekeeper and two dailys to follow her lead.

Although Lisa has struggled to date. As Hello! asks: “So your life isn’t as glamorous as it seems?”

“No,” says Lisa without a pause. “Other than the wedding day, which I obviously enjoyed, I’ve been working non-stop.

“No matter what the size, maintaining a house is a chore – the only difference with this house is it’s more of everything – more tidying, more organising, more bills.”

No wonder then we see in one picture that the bath is running and Lisa is nowhere to be seen.

After a long search around the sprawling mansion, Hello! catches up with Lisa, who’s busy testing the linen on her bed.

“Mine isn’t a charmed life,” she says, “it’s a full life. What drives me isn’t having a wealthy lifestyle, it’s that I love working and I’ll never stop.”

Not even to take a bath…’

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