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Pee Shooters

by | 1st, October 2004

‘IN Anorak’s seminal work ‘Tinkletime At The OK Corral’, the forces of law and order do battle at the urinal against the forces of evil.


The good man’s aim is true and strong, shooting the little blue brick from one end of the trough to the other with no hint of splash or grandstanding.

The evil’s aim is wayward and with no regard for what he hits. At one point, he even leaves the designated shooting area, enters the cubicle and strafes the place.

It’s a truly challenging film, worthy of the banning order placed upon it by the local magistrates’ court.

But we have long held the belief that its value lies in its poignancy.

And our stance is today aided by the Guardian’s article on a sensational new arrival at the Yesteryear chain of pubs.

In these venerable establishments, men are encouraged to aim at fake spiders, which have been stuck onto the urinals and in the porcelain bowls.

“The Dutch have piloted a similar scheme there involving fake flies and someone in the group came across it,” says Ian Macauley, spokesman for the Wigan-based group.

“Tony went out and interviewed the airport cleaners, who confirmed that embossing insects onto the porcelain definitely promotes more accurate targeting.”

But as valid as the flies are, the firm associated them with dirt, so went for spiders instead.

And we already see the rumblings of a new marketing trend. So look out for stickers of Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein or just about anyone else to test your aim on.

And if you can’t find a sticker, use your imagination, or a large marker pen…’

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