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The Good Old Daze

by | 1st, October 2004

‘“IN AN IDEAL WORLD… William would be king of this country… Maggie would be PM… And we’d bring back hanging.”

Putting the daddy in daddy-o

Yes, and the Daily Express would be selling millions of copies every day to the sort of men who would read it while sitting in a deck chair wearing a shirt and tie.

No surprise then to find the Express enthusiastically trumpeting this story, based on a “devastating survey” of over-50s.

Apparently, the only items in the modern world that these people approve of are washing machines, inside toilets and central heating. Wot, no stair-lifts?

The survey quizzed 3,000 people with an average age of 69 and found that 89 per cent agreed that it was better to be a young person in the 50s.

Better than being a miserable old bastard in the 1950s, anyway.’

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