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Brooklyn’s Fairy Godfather

by | 1st, October 2004

‘WILL today’s kiddies look back to 2004 with the same fondness as today’s wrinklies look back on 1954?

A dead duck

Not in Brooklyn Beckham, we suspect. By the time he’s an oldie, he’ll probably be richer than the country in which he was conceived.

And now he’s in line for another windfall, as Sir Elton John reveals that young Beckham and his other godchildren (including cash-strapped Damian Hurley) are set to inherit all his worldly possessions when he kicks the bucket and heads for the great VIP area in the sky.

The Star reckons that the Beckham boy stands to net about £17 million, and Sir Elton admits that he will inherit “a fair old whack”.

But partner David Furnish stresses the other side of godparenting. “We hope we can teach them the best way to live their lives,” he says. “Spoiling kids never does them any good.”

Although Sir Elton himself is living testimony to the fact that you can have untold riches and still remain down-to-earth and clear-headed at all times.’

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