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Born And Bread

by | 5th, October 2004

‘IF the Tories want to reinvent themselves as a serious political party, they need to stop listening to Dido and start looking at what they’re eating.

Edwina was disappointed by John and Margaret’s sandwich

For instance, mango salsa on chicken and granary bread is the perfect recipe for getting one over on political opponents.

A toasted chocolate banana sandwich is the best way to recover after a hard night in the House Of Commons bar, while if Nicholas Soames is looking to improve his muscle definition then he could do no better than apple and peanut better with granary bread.

These, says the Guardian, are recipes devised by biochemist Dr John Stanley and commissioned by the Federation of British Bakers to mark British Bread Month.

“Mealtimes are increasingly shorter,” Dr Stanley tells the paper, “but a quick and easy sandwich can give you a good dose of vitamins and minerals to help see you through the day.”

However, may we suggest that Tory MPs steer clear of the fresh fig and ricotta on thick white bread.

That is reckoned to be an aphrodisiac – and shadow ministers won’t need Tim Yeo to remind them that that way lies trouble…’

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