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Naked Ambition

by | 8th, October 2004

‘WHEN we all heard that pregnant Jessie Wallace was back with her ex-copper boyfriend, Dave Morgan, we wanted to ask her: “Are there any more like you at home?”

Jessie and Danielle

Jessie might well be a one-man woman, but the legion of admirers who follow her every move on EastEnders and through the pages of TV Quick and Animal Husbandry dream about dating the sexiest woman in soap.

And to them there now comes some heartening news.

The Mail has popped round to the Wallace family’s drum in the rough eastern suburbs of Ascot and found blonde Danielle Mason, Jessie’s 21-year-old sister.

And the timing could not have been better because Danielle was just getting dressed/undressed when she rushed to open the door in her pink bra and knickers.

And it’s lucky for her that it was the Sun that arrived for a chat, it being the paper with the famous Page 3 slot, into which Danielle’s breasts have just slotted.

“Jessie thinks I can be a big-name model like Jordan or Melinda Messenger,” says Danielle, now topless. And that’s good because Jessie “really admires Jordan”.

But she’s less sure of Jodie Marsh and Abi Titmuss, who incidentally, form two parts of the Star’s feature presentation: “Rise and rise of the SUPA slapper.”

And that’s SUPA: “Sexy, Up-for-it, Predatory and Ambitious.” In other words, just the kind of thrusting women the Star likes to feature in full slapper mode each and every day.

And there is Jodie Marsh, kind of dressed in her black bra and knickers. And there too is Abi Titmuss, sporting her white bra and knickers.

And besides them are the other two SUPA slappers, namely Sophie Anderton (no bra) and Rebecca Loos (bikini top, sarong, pig’s semen).

They truly are awful women. And we urge Star readers to escape them in the Star’s sister paper, the Express, where Kylie Minogue is seen out on the town with her sister Dannii – the sisters many regard as the original Jessie and Danielle….’

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