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Spending A Penny

by | 8th, October 2004

‘WHO is that balding bloke with the irritating cough who hands you the towel to dry your running nose as you come out of the loo?

Today’s toilet tip: ‘Eat lots of fibre’

No, it can’t be. Not the man who was once only a small miracle away from becoming British Prime Minister, the man who had ambitions to work as a bridge across the Atlantic?

It is the very same – desperate times calls for desperate measures and, if IDS is spending his dotage hanging around gents’ toilets, it’s not for the same reason as most of his erstwhile Tory colleagues.

So, spare a dime or a dollar for the poor man – chances are that he’s had to spend the last of his redundancy money renting the space next to the urinals.

And, according to the Guardian, he is not alone – most bathroom attendants like IDS not only work without wages but have to pay for the privilege.

Not for much longer, however, after New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer announced a $4m lawsuit against Royal Flush, the city’s main placement service for bathroom attendants.

“The idea,” Mr Spitzer said, “of people working without wages and having to pay a fee to stand in a bathroom and wait for tips is unconscionable.”

And so say all of us, including the balding man with the irritating cough…’

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