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Paris By Night

by | 9th, October 2004

‘ANORAK’S video library is nothing if not extensive.

We’ll always have Paris

We have extended coverage of every Royal Wedding since 1947, including a bootleg copy of Prince Edward and Sophie’s infamous honeymoon video.

We have every episode ever made of Eldorado, all our favourite episodes of EastEnders (including the one where Andy gets run over) and countless episodes of Emmerdale from the days before they did up The Woolpack and dropped Farm from the title.

We have sporting videos galore, documentaries, keep-fit videos and, in a cardboard box marked ‘For Old Mr Anorak’s Eyes Only’, what we are told are nature programmes.

But even our giant collection pales into insignificance next to that of our favourite hotel heiress, Paris Hilton.

Being the creative type, Paris likes to keep a video diary of her fascinating – and certainly fulfilling – life.

As a popular girl, that obviously features some of the nice young men who have squired her around the bars and clubs of the world.

And, such is Paris’s passion for honesty that the camera keeps on rolling even when the bedroom door is closed and our 23-year-old heroine is enjoying some private time.

Sadly, however, not everyone shares Paris’s passion for honesty and the National Enquirer reports that yet more of these tapes have been stolen from her Hollywood Hills home.

Incredibly for a woman who is heir to a multi-million-dollar fortune, it appears that pretty well any Tom, Dick and Harry can walk into said house and remove what they choose.

And it appears that what they chose from the mountains of tapes Paris has built up over the years were mainly ones showing her in intimate clinches with some of her beaus.

There is one, apparently, which features Paris in the back of a cab with former boyfriend Jason Shaw.

Another shows her standing in a bathroom naked apart from a pore strip on her nose.

And yet another shows her in the back of a different cab with another boyfriend Nick Carter, who (says an insider) ‘slips his hand up her skirt and fondles her’.

However, the Enquirer makes no mention of two other tapes believed to be missing from Paris’s house.

One of these shows Paris carrying out her numerous obligations for the countless charities to which she gives so generously of her time and money.

The other shows her reading a book.’

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