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Someone’s Got To Do It

by | 12th, October 2004

‘WE can think of plenty of jobs that didn’t make it into a new book called I Quit! The 50 Worst Jobs In Britain, which is published later this month.

Lucy revising for her Sun & Sunbathing degree

Who, for instance, would want to become Pink Rod, as The Holder of the Royal Sceptre is popularly known – the man whose job it is to hold Prince Charles’s member when he goes for a pee?

Who wouldn’t swap the job as Vanessa Feltz’s private masseur for, well, standing up in the middle of Oxford Street holding up that Golf Sale sign?

And who, apart from Rebecca Loos, would be happy spending their days pulling off pigs?

But this morning’s Star thinks it’s discovered the best job in the world – Lucy Pinder’s.

‘We picture her today rubbing sun oil into Sophie Howard,’ it says. ‘Any takers?’

While you all form an orderly queue to administer UV protection to the 21-year-old Southport sexpot, we must remind you that this is a job that requires a high degree of skill.

The Star pictures ‘luscious’ Lucy in action on the beach in St Tropez, as she ‘expertly’ rubs the cream into Sophie’s back.

We knew that GCSE in Tanning Studies wouldn’t go to wasteÂ…’

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