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It’s A Gutter

by | 12th, October 2004

‘HERE follows an apology.

Park chiefs are now working on underground sewerage

Kathryn Gustafson, the landscape architect who designed the Princess Diana Memorial Gutter and Storm Drain would like it to be known, via the Guardian, that she is sorry.

She is sorry that the people of Britain are an ungrateful bunch of no-marks who did not treat her wonderful and faultless design with the reverence it so clearly deserves.

She is sorry that people choose to desecrate her work by walking in the water, even allowing their dogs to do the same.

She is sorry that her dream of people picnicking alongside the drain and allowing their hands to drape in the flowing waters as they thought of their beloved princess came to nought.

However, she is glad that she was not Princess Diana, not because she would have been remembered in the form of a gutter, but because she could not have taken the pressure.

What she is less sure about, however, is whether she will do this kind of work again.

And who can blame her for having doubts, especially when the local council and any decent builder can put in a gutter much more cheaply and with far less fuss…’

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