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Pinky’s Not Perky

by | 12th, October 2004

‘OK! is right again when it writes: ‘Whenever I’m A Celebrity… star Kerry and her former Westlife husband appeared in public, they seemed to be the perfect match.’

Together forever

He was Pinky to her Perky. His was the jam in her doughnut. They complimented (sic) each other perfectly.

Just listen. ‘You’re amazing, gorgeous and soooo talented,’ said Kerry to her man. ‘And you’re amazing, gorgeous and soooo talented,’ said Brian to his woman.

Here were two people cast from the same mould. From their highlighted hair down to their matching his ‘n’ hers bras and Y-fronts, they just fitted.

But things went bad. And now Kerry speaks exclusively to OK! about what went wrong with her and Brian.

‘As most people are aware,’ says Kerry, ‘I’ve been having some personal problems and I need time to come to terms with what has happened and sort them out.

‘I am going to take a complete break from the public spotlight for a month and I hope that everybody understands my reasons for doing this.’

If this were not horrible enough, Kerry says that her hiatus from the Z-list will also include a break from writing her weekly OK! column, the diary that’s been required reading for every man and his dog.

She’s going away to lick her wounds, off to her mum’s house in Warrington. And she could be there for good, having reportedly already enrolled her two girls in local schools.

‘Meanwhile, back in Ireland,’ says OK!, ‘Brian has tried to hide his sorrow by heading for the pub with pals.’

Or celebrating, if you prefer…’

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