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A Chest To Cry On

by | 12th, October 2004

‘DON’T worry, Kerry McPadding, help is on its way.

Breast of friends

The call has gone out, the flares have been lit and Jordan is swinging into action.

Taking a break from baking her ‘speciality’ chicken Kiev and chips, and eating her ‘Jordania’ steak – a dish dreamt up by her insania lover, Peter Andre, and composed of steak, mushrooms, onions, acorns and lashings of silicone – Jordan confronts the issue of the day.

She says that when she first heard of Kerry’s split from Brian, she could not believe it.

But now the news has had time to sink in, Jordan feels really sorry for both of them.

‘You’ll be there for her,’ won’t you?’ asks OK!, hoping against all hope that Jordan will rally round Kerry in her time of greatest need.

‘I do remember what she said about me and Peter on TV – about our relationship being a publicity stunt – and she knows me better than that from the jungle,’ says Jordan supportively.

So you won’t be there for her, Jordan?

Maybe. But Jordan is no hard-faced so-and-so and has some compassion. ‘But something like this,’ says Jordan, ‘of course I will be there for her.’

With a cheery smile and a lingering last laugh…’

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