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by | 12th, October 2004

‘IT was an eventful hunting trip for 55-year-old Marin Cogey – he had barely managed to fight off an attack from a 700lb bear when he almost killed himself when he tripped over his gun.

The drama started when Cogey was hunting in woods near Milkovica in Bulgaria and was attacked from behind by a bear, who tried to crush him with its arms.

But the hunter managed to fight back, hitting the animal on the head with the butt of his shotgun and then firing a shot in the air, which caused the bear to release its grip and run.

However, the fun was only starting because, in his excitement, Cogey slipped and fell over, causing his gun to go off. The bullet grazed his head and he passed out.

A fellow hunter who found him after the attack said: ‘If the bullet had gone a few millimetres the other way he would be dead.

‘It’s amazing he managed to fight off such a huge bear and then tripped over and nearly killed himself.’

Cogev was treated in hospital for operation a punctured lung and broken ribs.’

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