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Red Rom: The Musical

by | 13th, October 2004

‘IF they ever hold an awards ceremony for the worst tabloid headlines, catch-phrases, nicknames and so on, they will surely strike a special medal for the hack who came up with Red Rom.

‘Roman, Roman, Roman…’

Sure, he’s called Roman, which could, at a pinch, be shortened to ‘Rom’.

But for the sake of a feeble pun on Red Rum, we then have to overlook the fact that he is about as un-red as possible, being both a ruthless capitalist and the owner of a football club that is practically synonymous with the colour blue.

Yet the name stuck, and now it is about to be immortalised in another unlikely form.

‘RED ROM: THE MUSICAL’ announces the Sun, which reveals that Billy Gaff has read the new book Abramovich: The Billionaire From Nowhere and intends to put the great man’s life onto the stage.

Despite his name, Gaff is anything but gaffe-prone when it comes to such things – he is described by the paper as a ‘top showbiz producer’, and he hopes to get Elton John on board to write the songs.

If we were him, we’d wait and see how the story ends before rushing into things.

A grand finale with newspaper speculation, accusations of financial irregularities and a shock semi-final dismissal from the Champions’ League might not be quite the ticket.

On second thoughts, it might – after all, isn’t one golden rule of showbiz to send ’em home with a smile on their face?’

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