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A Lot Of Bling

by | 13th, October 2004

”LADIES and gentlemen, our next lot is an unusual and interesting one.

A mystery bidder

‘It consists of a collection of idiosyncratic jewellery from the collection of a man who until recently was one of the country’s leading narcotics traders…’

Yes, it’s true. The Star reports that the accumulated bling seized from a convicted drug dealer will go under the hammer at a Bristol auction house tomorrow.

Items include a 28-inch engraved chain with a jewel-encrusted cross and a 15oz bracelet.

Most prized of all is a set of gold rings weighing 4lb and spelling the word ‘FLEX’. Or FELX, if you prefer. Or XELF.

‘They’re quite in-your-face,’ says sale co-ordinator Sam Chappell, who points out, in an apparently unconnected fashion, that ‘they’d make a nice set of knuckle-dusters’.

Mmm. Nice.’

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