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In The Mood

by | 13th, October 2004

‘WHEN the Eurocrats have finished arguing over the correct way to spell euro, they can get back to doing what they do best – harmonising.

‘Wake up! Wake up! I’ve started…’

And top of their list should be the amount of time couples in different countries spend on foreplay.

Yet again, says the Guardian, we Brits are working longer hours than our European partners, spending on average 36 seconds more on getting our partners in the mood than the Germans and three minutes more than the French.

Before the women of this country wonder exactly where those three minutes and 36 seconds went, they should know that we apparently spend an average of 22.5 minutes engaged in foreplay – the most in the world.

However, despite (or maybe because of) the time devoted to foreplay (or trying to get our trousers off, as it’s commonly known) we’re way down the league when it comes to sex.

We do it a mere 119 times a year compared with the French who manage it 137 times.

We don’t manage to reach orgasm as often as the Italians, 61% of whom claim to hit jackpot every time they have sex.

Nor do we sleep around as much as the Chinese, who have an average of 19.3 partners each.

Well, when you do live in a country of two billion people…’

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