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‘A’ Pride

by | 14th, October 2004

‘ARE you one of the promiscuous 10 per cent, are you part of a new vocal class of asexuals or are you, like us, part of the moral majority who enjoy sex once a week but only in the missionary position and with the lights out?

If you’re not aroused by this, you too may be asexual

At one extreme, the Times reports this morning on a sexual health crisis in Britain caused by a tenth of the country’s population identified for their multiple partners, precocious sexual behaviour and use of prostitutes.

And it relays a call from public health experts demanding better sex education to combat what is fast becoming an STD epidemic.

At the other, the Guardian reports on a growing number of people who are prepared to admit that they are just not into sex.

Not to be confused with chastity, impotence of even good old-fashioned reticence, asexuality doesn’t involve the repression of the sexual urge but a lack of urge altogether.

There are various reasons for this, according to the paper – low libido, a sense of distance and squeamishness are three such.

But up to now, those with no desire to have sex – so-called no-nosexuals – have tended to keep quiet.

No more – there is a growing sense that asexuals are ‘glad to be A’, according to an article in the new issue of New Scientist, websites are springing up to cater for this group and T-shirts are being printed with slogans like ‘Asexuality: it’s not just for amoebas any more’.

Not everyone, however, may be as asexual as they think.

High school student Pete reports: ‘I get the feelings…but my body never made the mental connection to what I should do about it.’

That’s not asexuality, Pete, that’s stupidity. It appears it’s not only the promiscuous 10 per cent who need more sex education.’

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