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Tiger & Scorcher

by | 14th, October 2004

‘ONE man who has got married recently is Tiger Woods, albeit to a woman a measly four years his junior.

Elin couldn’t get the hang of the backswing

No wonder therefore that the world’s most famous golfer was so keen to keep the Press at a very long telephoto lens’ length that he spent nearly $2m on his Caribbean wedding.

But the best laid plans of men and Tigers frequently come to nought – and so it is that Hello! this week publishes grainy shots of the happy couple at the Sandy Lodge hotel in Barbados.

It also publishes an equally grainy shot of Elin, a former swimsuit model, emerging from the sea in what can only be described as a hard-working bikini.

Bad news for lovers of statuesque blonde former Swedish nannies as Elin becomes a Tigress.

Good news, however, for randy pensioners around the world – Elin has a twin sister called Josephin.

And she just loves incontinent old men who are old enough to be her grandfather…’

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