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by | 15th, October 2004

‘THE papers all splash on Prince Harry (previously a practice permitted only to his inner circle).

Prince Harry’s A-level coursework

The Prince is accused of ‘cheating’ (note careful quotation marks) in his Art A-Level – that is to say, a former student teacher says she helped him complete course work.

The Prince is also heard on tape admitting that he only did a ‘tiny, tiny bit’ of the written part.

The Star points out that this exam was one of the two A-Levels that Harry required to get into Sandhurst military college. ‘Now he faces boot from the Army,’ it announces.

It’s a long time since any of us here at Anorak were in the armed forces, but we don’t believe things have changed that much since our day.

Back then, a member of the Royal Family was a figurehead, and not expected to actually do very much, other than appear in public covered in medals.

There is surely a recent precedent. Like Harry, Prince Andrew took on an exercise – in his case, the Falklands War.

Like Harry, he did a little bit (flew out to a naval base miles away from the action) and got someone else to finish the job (i.e. fight the battle).

It didn’t hurt his military career, and we don’t see why it should have any negative consequences for his nephew either.

Now let’s hear no more of this nonsense.’

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