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Fat Cats

by | 18th, October 2004

‘IF it’s the case (as if often said) that owners come to look like their pets, then it is no surprise that we are a country of fat lumps.

A pig’s best friend

Our pets are also fat lumps, with eight out of ten vets agreeing that animals’ health is being put at risk by overfeeding.

The Blue Cross animal charity says it is not only cats and dogs who are affected – almost half of all horses brought in to its centres are overweight.

Smaller pets, like rabbits and hamsters, are also showing signs of expanding waistlines.

The Telegraph adds that many pets are showing signs of hyperactivity, stress, diabetes and depression, with more than a quarter suffering from behavioural problems.

Blue Cross spokesman Simon Pope said: ‘People are working longer hours, so are keeping the animals inside and compensate for not spending time with them by overindulging them with inappropriate treats.’

Like a visit from Rebecca Loos…’

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