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Shell’s Back

by | 18th, October 2004

‘WHEN Shell Jubin stripped off to give Sun readers a glimpse of her nubbins a couple of months ago, she assured us it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Shell was so shy that Vanessa had to hold her down for the camera

‘The celebrity lifestyle isn’t for me,’ she said, ‘although I have enjoyed the experience. I’m returning to university as a postgraduate and will be buried back in my art books.’

Well, we know the train back up to Scotland is not exactly famed for its speed or reliability, but two months have now passed and the Glasgow art scene is still missing its favourite daughter.

Instead, the Big Brother blonde appears to have reneged on her pledge and is happy to share her thoughts, her nubbins and her thoughts about her nubbins with anyone who asks.

In recent weeks, she has been spotted posing with Jordan in Front magazine and sharing a bath with fellow Big Brother housemate Vanessa in Nuts magazine.

And this week she crops up again in a state of advanced undress in the pages of OK!’s Hot Stars magazine, where she proceeds to tell all and sundry how she’d love to have bigger boobs.

We also learn that, although Shell has never had a Brazilian wax, ‘I’ve given myself something close to that’. A Bolivian wax, perhaps?

We discover that Shell’s lips are her best feature, she sometimes wears too much blusher and her idea of pampering herself is ‘just going to bed early with a bottle of wine’.

Finally, however, to our intense dismay we read that ‘she’s covering up her curves to return to studying’.

We wish her the best of luck and only hope that she doesn’t have to wait another two months for a train…’

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