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Not-So-Hot Rod

by | 19th, October 2004

‘IS Angelina Jolie talking to Penny Lancaster when she tells the Sun: ‘The British – they might be repressed, but they’re the ones that are good in bed’?

‘Nope, not a twitch!’

Before we go on, we must say that there is no hint of truth in the rumour that the actress has formed her opinion of British men after a date with Penny’s flickering flame Rod Stewart.

The aging rocker is more into M&S than he is the S&M sex for which the Hollywood star professes a love.

No, we ask because Jolie may be trying to tell the photogenic photographer that she should hang on in there.

Rod may take longer to warm up in the sack than a penguin’s ice lolly, but the wait is worth it.

And Rod agrees. The Mail hears him in conversation with the Radio Times and asks via its headline: ‘Has Rod finally kissed his sexy image goodbye?’

‘As the years go by we don’t get it up as often as we used to,’ says Rod with typical candour. ‘It’s quality now, not quantity.’

Never mind the length, feel the soft leathery texture, indeed.

But this is Rod Stewart, the man who asked us if we thought he was sexy and got an endless number of leggy blonde women to scream back: ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

These days he says ‘kissing is very important’ and that he often turns down requests for sex.

‘Foreplay is so important,’ says he. And, of course he’s right.

A hearty breakfast, a handily-placed nurse and a handful of little blue pills – and he and Penny should be just fine.’

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