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Sore Loser

by | 19th, October 2004

‘IF Ula Heywood is looking for a job, she could do worse than apply to the Mail.

‘These boots are made for suing…’

We say this because Miss Heywood is blessed with that rare ability of being able to give the Mail and its readers just what they want.

In times of slow news, Ula delivers.

Her story, which also appears in the Express, tells of how four years back, when aged just 18, she decided it was time to try to earn a Duke of Edinburgh award.

Her plan was to bypass the easier bronze and silver awards and go straight for gold. And that meant a 50-mile yomp over the Lake District.

But during the walk her feet began to hurt. Her back began to ache. She grew tired. Hey, she may even have sweated a little.

So she took the expedition’s supervisor to court, claiming that it was his fault she experienced some discomfort. He should never have allowed her to continue in her mission.

As the Express listened on intently, Heywood told the judge at Newcastle County Court: ‘I knew from the beginning that I could stop but it wasn’t made clear at all times…

‘The safety and well-being of the group is the leader’s responsibility and I made it very clear how sore my feet were.’

But her plea failed to impress Judge Peter Bullock who threw out her case, saying how the litigant simply bit off more than she could chew.

After the verdict, Heywood’s solicitor, Melanie Shooter, was beaten but not bowed.

As she tells the Mail: ‘My client will now be trying to put this whole distressing event behind her.’

Not so fast – if Ula truly wants that job as head of compensation culture news at the Mail, she should immediately appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

And win.’

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