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by | 19th, October 2004

‘IT’S all a question of genetics – young Brits go on holiday to Faliraki, they meet other young Brits, they get sunburnt, they drink too much, they vomit, they shag, they come home.

‘Excuse me, I thought the three of us were building this sandcastle’

It’s as programmed into the nation’s biological make-up as being blonde is to the Swedes or being rude is to the French or being loud is to the Americans.

And the reason why is explained on the front page of this morning’s Times.

New research, says the paper, indicates that vitamin D – which is produced by the body when exposed to the sun – is critical to the production of sperm.

Lack of the vitamin is associated with male infertility.

And scientists say this – and not because our stress levels are lower or because we have more time to get jiggy – is the reason why so many of us conceive while on holiday.

It also explains the behaviour of the Club 18-30 generation.

With the British weather being what it is, the package holiday in Greece is just about the only thing that is keeping this particular species from dying out.

Once there, a man’s biological impulse dictates that he should get as much sun as possible to nurture his sperm before jumping into bed with the nearest available woman.

For her part, the woman will try to tempt a mate by lying on the beach with her bikini top off, thereby advertising her ability to nurture her young.

Sunburn, far from being unattractive, is a sign of increased fertility and thus highly prized.

A man whose skin is red raw is likely to have the pick of the women in the resort, while their olive-skinned hosts go home on their own.

As for the drinking and the vomiting, scientists put this down to a strange mating ritual.

By demonstrating what they have eaten for breakfast, men can reassure their potential mate that they are well-fed and able to provide for the future…’

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