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Mistaken Identity

by | 19th, October 2004

‘IS it merely coincidence that on the day the Sun hears Alex Ferguson admit to having made mistakes in his tenure at Manchester United, the Telegraph says Malcolm Glazer is edging closer to control of the club?

‘Regrets, I have a few…’

With the season not going to plan and the club’s ownership in the balance, might it be that Fergie is reappraising his own position at the club?

Fergie is not usually one for self-criticism, but here he is the Sun telling all and sundry that he’s been picking the wrong teams.

Since his job is to pick the right ones, the simple deduction is that he’s been failing in his role. And when United’s manager fails, United’s manager soon goes.

Indeed, such are the boardroom machinations at Old Trafford and Fergie’s undoubted abilities, it might be soon time for him to say goodbye to the club he has led with so much skill.

But it’s all conjecture, and no sooner has Fergie shown contrition than he’s banging on in the Mirror about his favourite bugbear: Arsenal.

“You never know what impact a defeat against us would have on Arsenal,” says Fergie, a thought based more on hope than genuine promise.

“There’s no doubt in my mind we’re a match for them. None at all.”

Of course, he has first to pick the right team…

And after Fergie’s admittance of wrongdoing, the Mirror hears Chelsea’s Adrian Mutu confess to having taken cocaine.

In a letter delivered to the Professional Footballers’ Association, the Romanian striker writers: “I made a mistake, for which I apologise.”

That may secure him a reduced sentence – especially if he can argue that as a highly-paid sportsman in London he’s a victim of some sort.

It’s a move that may reap some rewards, given that PFA chairman Gordon Taylor says it’s “inevitable” players will come into contact with drugs.

“The fact is Chelsea is in London,” says Taylor rightly. “And London is a big city [right again] where players – and probably anyone with a high disposable income – will come into contact with drugs.”

Although he goes onto say that drug-taking is wrong and “it’s down to the individual”, the inference is that drugs go hand in hand with wealth.

As anyone who has seen a poor man scratch around for money for a fix knows, this is bunkum, utter nonsense.’

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