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Wolfgangsta Rap

by | 20th, October 2004

‘FEW who saw the film Amadaus, the biopic of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, can forget the car chase.

”Will the real Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart please stand up…”

The film was full of such magic moments.

Like when a young Mozart finds his “ho” in bed with another man. “Yo! You muthafucka,” says he. “That be my bitchin-ho.”

Setting the ensuing burst of sub-automatic gunfire to music was a stroke of his rare genius.

This was cinema at its very best.

But for those who didn’t see the movie, the Sun’s news that Mozart was a “foul-mouthed yob” who made rapper Eminem look “tame” is some news.

But it’s the truth – it’s written large in the Sun in black and white beneath the headline “EMINEMADEUS”, so it must be.

It seems the Austrian composer of violin concerti and symphonies also wrote a lesser known ditty called L*** Out My A*******.

In the song, penned when the composer was a vigorous 26, the lyrics go: “L*** out my a*******, L*** it till it’s good and clean.”

But although it is brilliant stuff, don’t expect it to be released anytime soon. It may be too fruity for our relatively sanitised modern tastes…’

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