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You’ve Got Male

by | 20th, October 2004

‘ALL of us would like our children to grow up to become the new Robert Kilroy-Silk.

”Okay, so when’s the next quarter moon?”

Sadly, we are destined to be disappointed – there will never be another Kilroy.

But there is at least something we can do to increase our child’s chances of emulating the great man.

Old wives’ tales have it that women who want sons should eat meat and salty food or make love standing up during a quarter moon.

But, says the Guardian, scientists suggest that the best way to ensure you get a son is to make sure you are living with your partner.

An American doctor says women who are married or living with a man at the time of conception are 14% more likely to give birth to boys than if they’re on their own.

It is a lesson Henry VIII would have done well to have learnt – lopping his wife’s head off at every opportunity was not the best way to secure the heir that he so desperately wanted.

But at least it means that we can look forward to a new generation of Kilroys.

Just remember that if you eat enough oranges during pregnancy, your kids may even achieve their hero’s hue.’

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