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by | 21st, October 2004

‘WHILE Robert Kilroy-Silk continues his work to destroy the UK Independence Party from within, the Guardian’s ‘Vote Bush’ campaign gathers pace.

‘Playtime’s over for today, Mr President’

The first of about 14,000 readers’ letters urging Americans to vote for John Kerry have started arriving in US mailboxes – and the result has been an entirely predictable surge of support for the incumbent president.

‘Butt our Brits, voters say,’ is the (ungrammatical) headline on last week’s Springfield News-Sun, as reproduced in this morning’s Telegraph.

And, says the paper, the Republicans in the swing state of Ohio are rubbing their hands in glee as the letters pour in.

The Telegraph meets Terry Brown, a navy veteran whose garden is adorned with the obligatory US flag, a giant carving of an American eagle and a wooden cross marked: ‘September 11 2001.’

‘I feel very strongly that this was an invasion of my privacy,’ he says of the letter he received from Guardian-reading Nicola Smith, of West Lothian.

‘The right of my wife and myself to decide whom to vote for should not be affected by any other country. That was a freedom we fought for many years ago. It was 1776.’

Admittedly, Mr Brown could hardly be called an undecided voter – alongside the hideous eagle in his garden is a big sign saying ‘Bush-Cheney ’04’.

However, the effect on those who are truly undecided is likely to be a push towards the Republicans.

Nevertheless, the Guardian is unapologetic, declaring that its mission has been accomplished.

‘We set out to get people talking and thinking about the impact of the US election on citizens of other countries, and that is what we have done,’ it says.

We can’t wait until our General Election next year to see the response from the voters of Clark County.

‘Say, England? Is that in London..?”

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