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The Adams Family

by | 22nd, October 2004

‘ONE who can certainly sympathise with poor Prince Harry is Victoria Beckham, who knows a thing or three about life in the glare of flashbulbs.

Tony Adams

Like Harry, Vicky doesn’t ask to be in the papers. It’s just those awful paparazzi scum who keep taking pictures of her and their evil editors who think the shots are of massive public interest.

But things are set to change for Victoria, who is currently on a tour of China, where she’s pictured accepting a bouquet of flowers from a ”star-stuck” youngster.

News is that such invasive pictures of her going about her everyday wonderful life are to be placed under the auspices of her dad, Tony Adams.

He’s going to give up his job at an electrical wholesale firm and work for his daughter full-time.

The paper says that Vicky only wants people she can trust around her and plans to form an ”inner circle” of just such characters.

The good news is that there are still a couple of places in the inner circle up for grabs.

If you are a tanning expert, for instance, write to Victoria with a full CV and a list of your 10 favourite orange-skinned celebrities…’

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