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by | 22nd, October 2004

‘THE orange hair…the stroppy behaviour towards the paparazzi…the closeness to Princess Diana…

Rock The Joint 2004

Dismiss thoughts of James Hewitt and wonder if Elton John is really Prince Harry’s dad.

If those similarities between Elton and Harry were not enough, we now read in the Express that, just like wayward prince, Elton has smoked marijuana.

In an interview with Canadian television, Elton says how he began smoking weed heavily in the 1980s following his marriage to Renate Blauel.

But he smoked such large volumes of blow that his voice became croaky and he was barely able to sing.

”I could speak, and only barely sing,” says Elton. ”Deep down I knew that something was chronically wrong with my voice. It was polyps.”

But these polyps – tiny growths on the singer’s vocal chords – were removed by surgery, lowering the timbre of Elton’s voice.

”It’s deeper,” says Elton, ”has more resonance. And it’s stronger. I used to be a piano player who sang and now I’m a singer who plays piano.”

And a darn fine example to young Harry…’

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