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Shelley’s Monster

by | 22nd, October 2004

‘WEATHERFIELD women are notoriously stupid – Deirdre did time for an ‘airline pilot’ who turned out to work in Sock Shop, Rita’s husband tried to push her under a tram and let’s not even start on Vera Duckworth’s “Terrah”.

Shelley sees Gail’s face

But even by their standards, Shelly is a cut above the rest. First of all, she marries a bigamist and now she’s hooked up with a serial adulterer who also happens to have a sideline in wife beating.

Shelly is convinced that Charlie is the one, despite the fact that he’s slept with her mother and tried it on with Liz McDonald.

He’s also not exactly the most attentive of boyfriends, choosing to spend every evening out drinking with mystery mates and constantly disappearing on jobs (on the job more like).

Later this week, Shelly gets it into her thick head that Charlie is having an affair with Gail when he sees him disappearing into her house.

It turns out Charlie building a Wendy house for Bethany and Shelly is so mortified by her mistake, it gives Charlie licence to treat her worse than ever, resorting to beating her to keep her “in her place.”

Another Weatherfield woman who’s been conned by a man is Penny King, but for her it’s her pride rather than her face that’s taken the beating.

Ciaran and Tracy were all set to sail off into the sunset – well to Tenerife – when Ciaran got an attack of conscience and confessed everything to Penny.

Penny was understandably less than impressed that they were trying to rip her off to the tune of forty grand and promptly called the police.

Unfortunately for viewers, we didn’t get to actually witness Tracy’s night in the cells and the next episode opened with her tearfully returning home on bail.

“I wonder if it’s something that runs in the blood of the women in this family,” pondered Blanche. “Yer mum did time for a man too.”

Long-suffering Deirdre went begging to Mike to get Penny to drop the charges. “Can yer not do it fer me?” she sobbed. “Think of little Amy without a mum.”

Deirdre dropped to her knees (a position she’s all too familiar with) to beg Mike to change his mind – just as Penny walked into his office.

Luckily Deirdre has always got the excuse that she was simply lowering herself so she could look Mike in the eye.’

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