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Steaming Mad

by | 25th, October 2004

‘LIM Boon Hwa, 56, should have been a British explorer to the south Pacific islands many moons ago.

Had he ended up in the pot, chances are he’d have relished it.

Just the other day, Hwa was cooked for 30 minutes as an offering to Chinese deities during a Taoist festival in Kedah state, Malaysia. He sat steaming over a pot of dumplings and corn, which were later distributed to the 1,000 spectators who turned up to watch.

This was not the first time Hwa has been cooked -it was the fourth time. Lim’s record time is 45 minutes.

”Lim’s performance shows the greatness of the Taoist deities in protecting their devotees from harm,” said temple spokesman Goon Fook Theong. Or dessert, as he’s known…’

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